Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Tiling for Kitchen and Bathroom

I have been looking at a lot of different kitchen and bathrooms online trying to work out what looks good and I have decided to go white tiles in both the kitchen for the splashback and the same in the bathroom on the walls. For the bathroom floor I am going a slight tan type colour. Hard to explain, but it looks good.

In the builders selection you don't get an allowance for any feature tiles, but I decided I would like something. I think I am going to get a vertical strip in the shower using pebbles 3 wide that look like these:

I have been quoted about $105 for the tiles and then I need to allow for labour as well. I will ask for the labour quote and then decide.

Kitchen/Bathroom Bench Colours

I was pulling my hair out trying to work out what look I wanted for my unit, but I really like the browns so I have decide to go with this colour scheme.

Benchtops I am hoping to get Quicksand Natural Finish from Laminex as below, the actual sample looks much better then this looks on screen. It isn't that dark and more of a sandy colour:
This is Chocolate Pear from Formica that I am hoping to use for the cupboards.

I am going to use the same colour benchtops and cupboards in both the kitchen and bathroom. I just need to arrange to see the joinery guy and confirm that I can get these colours.

Foundations have been laid

Here is the picture of my unit and my next door neighbours as we share the same slab. It's so exciting. My part of the slab is the closet to us near where the driveway is.


I have decided to start a blog for my unit I am building at Aldinga. It will the first time I have ever owned a place (or on my way to owning a place) so it is very exciting. Even more exciting since I get to pick all the colours for everything.
Here is the unit floorplan.

This is how they will look at the end except we are using:
Colourbond walls: Manor Red
Render: Solver Loam White
Roof: Surfmist
Window frames: White Birch

I am looking forward to seeing how our chosen colours look on the finished product.