Monday, 26 November 2012

A wak through the garden...

...inspired by Frank!

This is what happens when your grapevine is full of caterpillars, but on a positive note the caterpillars have gone. Perhaps the little birds found a snack?

My baby lemon tree shaded under a chair


Raspberry bed

Nearly ripe

This is what happens when you have ducks and chooks roaming in the veggie bed. These are chewed corn stalks!

This is dill, it has the most beautiful smell when rubbed, but not sure what to do with it.

 Mulberry cutting coming along nicely

Mama duck is sitting again on a few eggs, no idea if she will stay the distance or get off early again.

A few cuttings of rosemary, wormwood, lavendar.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pea straw galore...

 Dad kindly bought me this huge roll of pea straw for my fruit trees...  It's only just coming to the end of spring and everything is so dry and dead. The pea straw will help to keep the moisture in the ground.
I can guarantee once the chooks and ducks are let out, the pea straw will no longer look like this!

Early Christmas present for the chooks and ducks

No idea why the photos came in sideways, but my 2 little baby chickens hiding under Mum as I try to take a photo

Two baby silver laced wyandottes. I am hoping that at least one is a little girl.
I had 6 fertile eggs, 1 egg disappeared, 1 died during hatching, 1 died overnight from a strange growth and 1 sadly drowned. The remaining 2 are fighting fit. I have only let them out a couple of times and the last time I was chasing one of them around and around the chicken coop trying to get it to go in, whilst not allowing the mum and the other baby chook out.

I also have one limping little chook, my little brown chook started limping last Sunday morning and after no improvement by Thursday, I took her to the vet, where I was given medication to give her orally for 5 days. Sadly no improvement yet, with 2 days of medication to go.