Sunday, 19 February 2012

3 month old Speckled Sussex

Here are the two girls

Here are the two boys. This fella is on the outer I think. Not sure if you can see the green tinge in the rosters tail feathers. The second roosters feathers are in the bottom left hand corner.

Second rooster

Can't forget Ollie and Cleo, who love chasing the younger chooks, but Hilda still chases the ducks.

Memory Squares and a Scarf!

Here are memory squares I decided to create for my nieces and nephew, it was my first sewing project since school and I am very happy with the end result.

...and of course a pouch to store them in.
My Grandma, when she stayed with me, showed me how to knit a lacey scarf, so here is my first knitted scarf, with Zena modelling :)

Small veggie garden update

I haven't had a lot of luck this summer, but here are a couple of things that seem to be doing well.
Lots of lots of chilli's, I have picked these and hung to dry

This tomato plant came up on it's own and it doing so much better then any of the ones I planted.

Chamomile, I haven't worked out how to use it for tea yet.

Mini eggplants are almost ready to be picked

The only flower that grew from many seeds I planted

This lemon tree was losing all it's leaves. It was down to only 3 leaves, when I decided to put an outdoor chair over it to protect it a bit from the sun. You can see how well it is doing now, with even a flower bud appearing.

Lots and lots of strawberry plants

I was kindly given a heap of strawberry plants a few months ago and since planting, I have not had one strawberry off them, as the ants and millipedes keep beating me to it. So I decided to dig them up and plant in foam boxes, pots and hanging baskets.

This was the trial hanging basket and it is doing so well, it already has strawberries growing, so I decided to go ahead and buy another 9 hanging baskets.
Freshly dug up strawberry plants before pruning.

Strawberry plants potted up a couple of weeks ago

Before and after, the strawberry plants on the left having been growing a few more weeks than the plants on the right. They look so healthy now that they are out of the full sun.

Finished hanging baskets and dripper system installed.