Sunday, 19 February 2012

Small veggie garden update

I haven't had a lot of luck this summer, but here are a couple of things that seem to be doing well.
Lots of lots of chilli's, I have picked these and hung to dry

This tomato plant came up on it's own and it doing so much better then any of the ones I planted.

Chamomile, I haven't worked out how to use it for tea yet.

Mini eggplants are almost ready to be picked

The only flower that grew from many seeds I planted

This lemon tree was losing all it's leaves. It was down to only 3 leaves, when I decided to put an outdoor chair over it to protect it a bit from the sun. You can see how well it is doing now, with even a flower bud appearing.

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  1. Yum! It's great to see how you are working with things as you go. Protecting where needed etc. It's a process to learn what each plant needs. ~ Gillian