Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lots and lots of strawberry plants

I was kindly given a heap of strawberry plants a few months ago and since planting, I have not had one strawberry off them, as the ants and millipedes keep beating me to it. So I decided to dig them up and plant in foam boxes, pots and hanging baskets.

This was the trial hanging basket and it is doing so well, it already has strawberries growing, so I decided to go ahead and buy another 9 hanging baskets.
Freshly dug up strawberry plants before pruning.

Strawberry plants potted up a couple of weeks ago

Before and after, the strawberry plants on the left having been growing a few more weeks than the plants on the right. They look so healthy now that they are out of the full sun.

Finished hanging baskets and dripper system installed.

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  1. The baskets look fantastic! Glad you are getting more strawberries this way :) The deer have gotten ours the past few years :( ~Gillian