Sunday, 16 December 2012

What bird is this?

I found this nest in my orchard a few nights ago. It was too high up for me to see in, but by holding my camera up and taking photos I could see that there were eggs in there. Imagine my surprise when I went to check on the nest to find the below eyes staring back at me.
She is watching me... What breed of bird is this one do you know? Does she look like a native?
The mother bird hasn't abandoned the nest after all.

One of my apple trees, with fruit!

My poor little brown chook with a limp. She doesn't seem to be getting worse, nor better, but she seems happy enough. I am still giving her anti-inflammatories

Another of my apple trees with beautiful fruit

My boysenberry is almost ready for eating, what are my chances that I will get it?

The dill has gone to flower/seed and has many ladybugs on it. Hard to photograph as it was blowing in the breeze.

Tomatoes are growing

...and another looking very healthy!

My silver-laced wyandotte babies are growing up

I was watching Ollie the duck to see if he was going to harass my little brown chook, but instead he seemed to want to be friends.