Thursday, 18 October 2012

Garden Update!

I absolutely love spring! My favourite season...

 Apricot tree, with apricots growing this year

 Raspberry canes, kindly donated by a friend and setup with watering system

 Another row of raspberry canes, fingers crossed for a few berries

 My little fruit orchard with new veggie gardens in between the fruit trees, installed with dripline. Hopefully the veggies will survive this year, as I'm terrible at watering by hand.

 Last year's baby chickens all grown up

 Bossy, randy ducks :P Ollie and Cleo

 Newly planted tomatoes, eggplant and capsicum
 Potato patch doing beautifully

 Beautiful apple blossoms

 Kindly donated boysenberry cane, doing well.

 Baby macadamia tree

 Another view of the fruit orchard, veggie beds.

 Hilda has gone broody and is sitting on 6 fertile Silver-Laced Wyandotte eggs, due to hatch in 21 days on Wednesday October 31st.

 I had to quickly fox proof this aviary, so that I could separate Hilda from the other chooks, otherwise the unbroody chooks keep laying in with her and the fresh eggs and fertile eggs all get mixed up. Also once the baby chickens hatch the other chooks can attack the babies I have heard. 

Lots more to do..., hoping to grow a few veggies from seeds, but need to get on it quickly!