Sunday, 18 September 2011

Seeds and potatoes

The White Currant has come to life beautifully, I'm not sure what white currants taste like, but hopefully I find out...Carrots seedlings with old towel over top, I read it helps with the germination and keeps the seeds moist.

Watermelon seedling

I thought I had killed it, but out of five root cuttings I have four shoots coming up

A combination of seeds planted today and seeds planted a few weeks ago. Most of the seeds have come up beautifully, but most of the tomatoes failed and a few capsicum, so I filled in the blanks...

Potatoes have been in the cupboard waiting to be planted. I think they are definitely ready!

Four rows of corn planted out. I'm not sure if I will need to pull the green manure out from between or not, but I will wait and see.

Potatoes planted

Three sweet potatoes planted, two orange and one purple one. Hopefully they shoot up.

Fruit orchard and chooks

It's all an experiment to see how everything grows. I have planted corns, beans and pumpkins in seedling trays and will also plant directly in the ground and see which works better. Most of the time I plant directly in the ground the seeds all get eaten :(

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