Sunday, 15 May 2011


...named because of all the holes and the barren landscape the first time I saw it!

Day 1 - Before

Day 1 - After, leveled ready for the green manure to be sown

Day 2 - Green manure sown (oats, barley, peas, wheat)
Green manure is used when either you aren't ready to use the soil for anything else or if you want to work on improving the soil. It should also stop the weeds coming through. In 2-3 months (if it grows) I will mow it before it flowers, with the catcher off. Leaving it all on the ground as mulch.

Day 2 - Second section, green manure sown

I used a shovel, rake and mattock to dig and level this land. A little over half to go, hopefully next weekend. The 2nd half is definitely going to be harder, with a lot more weeds.
I found 2 ant nests, 1 centipede and 2 large garden spiders, sadly Neddie got to one of the spiders :(


  1. What a fabulous job you've done Kristy. You should be very proud of your achievement. xxx

  2. Thank you Shelley I am very very happy, I completed more then I ever dreamt possible :)

  3. Wowza, that's alot of work achieved over 2 days! Looking great and as well as getting your place the way you want it you will be sure getting fit! Maybe you would be a great landscape artist1 Great job :-)

  4. Awesome work Kristy. Thats a LOT to achieve on your own. You should be very proud.

    XX Magda

  5. Thanks Magda, I had to dig real deep within and it reminded me of running a half marathon, just keep going, you can do it lol...