Friday, 10 June 2011

First day of 5 day weekend :)

Green Manure Seeds (Wheat, barley, oats and peas)

Soaking seeds overnight to see if they will germinate quicker

Front was all dug up last weekend, now here it is with seeds sown. Future veggie gardens

Fowl shed finally together and hopefully fox proof

Bought mesh from fodder shop and it's meant to be mouse and fox proof

Two new additions to the family - Isa Browns at about 12 weeks, another 10 weeks before they start laying. They were cute so I bought the little ones... I tore up newspaper to make it comfy on their feet, as I didn't have anything else. Also need to buy something for their food and water. I know nothing about chooks, but about to learn... I spent easily 30 + minutes in watching and interacting with them. I would like them to be friendly. Can already see their personalities coming through.

The fodder shop lady suggested a bag over the shed to make them warm, as it's so cold at the moment and they are still little, so I found this old blanket, which should help.

Not sure if Neddie wants to eat them for dinner or to play, but he has taken quite a liking to them. Every time we head outside he rushes over to the fowl shed. I'm not sure how to introduce him and the chooks to each other. It would be good to find out if he is going to eat them or protect them.

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