Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Baby Chickens

Hilda and Lucy when I first bought them in June this year, funny looking things...

Now Lucy and Hilda are mums to 4 baby chickens and this is the day the eggs hatched, right on time on Thursday 17 November, 21 days after the fertile eggs were placed under Hilda. I had 7 fertile eggs, 1 egg was cracked by the mum's, 1 never hatched and 1 chicken I found dead and not formed properly.

Only a few hours old

A day or two old

Let me in too...

Lucy and Hilda are fantastic mums and very protective

Another little one pushing it's way through to be with it's siblings.

What a fantastic experience sitting and watching the baby chickens and mother hens, interacting together. I am loving the whole experience :)


  1. Hi! Just found your blog off the homeone forum and love it. Lucky you for having such an immense garden, and two very plump chooks to keep the bugs off :) And their chickies are adorable!

  2. Thanks hiep for visiting, I love visitors :)