Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Garden Update

I have had a lovely two weeks off from work spent with my Dad, Grandma visiting from Tassie, with a lot of time spent in the garden.

Before painting half finished fence, left by previous owners


Flower bed planted out with seeds and plants with colourful flowers to attract bees and good bugs

Newly bought and planted purple table grape, hopefully to grow up along the verandah to keep the sun out in summer.

Newly bought and planted chocolate mint and peppermint, to dry and to drink as tea

Corn growing after being raised as seedlings first, not real healthy looking yet

Planted corn seeds direct and here is one shooting up

Lots of little green shoots this time, I dug a trench and filled with seed raising mix, then planted the seeds in the seed raising mix. Much more luck than last time when I planted direct in the soil. None germinated at all.

My first fresh raspberry off my first year raspberry canes.

My poor prune tree isn't looking very healthy, not sure if it is a lack of water, hot weather or winds

Comfrey plant is growing well, but slowly. Something has had a couple of good big bites.

Potato plant blossom

Potatoes with very holey leaves

My first lot of home made compost, looking fantastic, just like soil

Spreading my compost on my veggie beds

I have started my next compost heap, using cardboard around the edges this time, to see if it helps it break down quicker.

My first peach growing and protected by a netting bag

Zucchini plants are doing fantastic and already have a few zucchini's growing

One cucumber plant is taking off

Eggplant plants

Capsicum plants

Tomato plants

Green bean plants doing wonderfully and starting to grow up the fence.

Blue cornflower, with wonderful blue flowers. I have cut many flowers off it to bring inside.


  1. Love, love, love that cornflower! We now have the same mints for our teas. And it's absolutely unbelievable how advanced your garden was in november; it's at about where ours is now in December! Good work as always Kristy. I'm just catching up!

  2. So great to hear from you Katara :)