Sunday, 7 August 2011

Slightly quiet in the garden this weekend

Planting Comfrey (a herb that has many uses, such as a compost activator, mulch and fertiliser). I'm looking forward to experimenting with this plant.
Planted in an old fruit tree bag

Poor kale has been growing for many weeks, but not looking good. I think it was planted at the wrong time. Hopefully spring it will take off

Veggie beds freshly dug ready for spring

Wild jungle of green manure
Neddie loves playing in the green manure

Freshly mown with the catcher off, only stalled once in a really thick section

Very excited to discover my freshly mown lawn clippings nice and warm this morning

Freshly juiced apple, carrot and ginger. I just love the colour of the juice :)


  1. All looks great Kristy. I have thought about planting some Comfrey before. I don't have a compost heap though because of the dog getting into it. We just planted some Silverbeet, Onion and spring onion on the weekend. Got some seed potatos, asparagus and rhubarbs crowns to go in as well.
    I love your vegie beds - they look great.

  2. I love your gardens Kristy. Your veg garden layout looks awesome!