Tuesday, 6 December 2011

How to build a very cheap duck house

Lay down chicken wire to fox proof the bottom

Hammer in a couple of stakes and nail a few pallets together

Ask sister nicely to bend any nails back that are sticking through

Then add a couple of bed bases, a section of fence, a little more wire, a tub, a few cable ties and the duck house is complete...

Add a couple of ducks and it is really complete!

All I had to buy was:
2 dog bowls for food and water - $10
bungee cords to hold the gate up and closed and to hold the wire on the top to the sides - $10 (although I only used 2 cords and the packet had 10 or 20 cords in it, which will come in very handy)
More cable ties $2.20

So my duck house cost me $22.20... Very happy!

I would like to extend it in the near future to make it larger, so I am keeping my eye out for extra supplies.

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