Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Ducks settling in... Chickens growing up...

Neddie supervising, I have been teaching him to sit on a chair and stay, whilst I wander around the orchard interacting with the ducks and chickens. Tonight was his first test whilst the ducks and chickens wandered free range...

Neddie was a very good boy

Baby chickens will be 5 weeks old on Thursday

I have been told that the spotty ones may be roosters, if that is the case I may have two roosters and 2 hens, we will wait and see as they grow.

The ducks found the corn patch and felt very safe in amongst the corn stalks.



Poor Ollie received quite a fright tonight. He finally got the courage up to come over to where I was sitting (quite a distance away) to get food, but Hilda side swiped him and completely flattened him, sitting on top. I am assuming Hilda was protecting her babies. I am going to try and allow the ducks to free range on their own for a while to get their confidence up.

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