Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Aldinga is beautiful...

..and I now know I have made the correct decision to buy down there.

I popped down today and took a few photos as they have now polished the concrete.

Here are the photos

This is my unit (well the closest half of the concrete is mine)

This is another unit, but you can see the polished concrete much better. I can't get close as there is a huge fence around the whole site.

After the visit to my unit I decided to go and see how far it was to the beach as it was about 41 degrees in Adelaide today. There photos are from the nearest beach at the end of the road, but too rocky to swim, but very warm water in the tidal pools.

Then heaed to Aldinga Beach, where I waded out into the water and wished I had brought my bathers as the water was beautiful. I ended soaked up to my bottom LOL and my pants were drenched.

I started talking to a lady wading out and asked if she was a local and advised I would be soon and told her where I was building. She then told me of the best beach for me and how beautiful it is, so I then headed down there and did a little more wading and ate ice cream. This beach is Port Willunga

Then I measured the distance from my unit and found that it is only 2km's to the beach. How fantastic is that. Aldinga is beautiful and I am looking forward to the move. It is a big change for me as I have lived 5km's from the city for 3 years and at least 10km's from the city for about 9 years so moving 40km's out of the city is a big move, but I am getting excited now... A new area to explore and discover.


  1. that looks awesome Kristy. How good are the stairs going to be post soft sand and hard sand sprints & jogging?

  2. Love the polished concrete! We're hoping to do something similar in our house, so I'm keen to see how yours comes out. Will they be sealing it at all and if so, do you know what they will use?