Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Clipsal and Final Selection

I had my Clipsal electrical appointment today and it was cheaper and easier then I expected. They allowed all the powerpoints I need as well as lots more lights then I expected. The only thing I needed to do was add a TV point for $70 to the main bedroom. I also moved a couple of powerpoints and that was it. Very quick and easy. I was going to add another fan, but not at the cost of $250. I am sure I will find a cheaper one for the spare bedroom, which I will add later on.

This afternoon I went to the final selection with the builders, which was good. I got to pick door knobs, shower screen colour and built in robe doors. Now I just sit back and wait to see how much I have gone over as I upgraded a lot of my bathroom items, added the pebbles in the shower and added the TV point.

I can't wait to see the walls go up and it all coming together. It is very exciting being on my way to my own home! I just hope I have done ok with my colour selections.

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