Monday, 19 January 2009

Almost all my selections have been made

I made the joinery selections today including nice rectangular handles. I stuck to my original choices of Chocolate Pear and Quicksand. I hope it looks OK.

I have booked the plumbing selections for Wednesday and I have the shower door, built in door place ringing me tomorrow as I'm not sure if I need to make any selections.

The tiles and carpet I selected Saturday. Carpet was an easy choice as I picked chocolate.

There are rumours that my settlement might finally go through on the 28th January although this means I will have to start paying interest for the construction, but it will be nice for it to be all formalized.

I have the clipsal appointment and final selection appointment with the builder on Tuesday 27.

It is so exciting now that I have made all the selections, I can't wait to see it built!

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